Our first container from Thailand

Our Green & Sienna furniture has been so well received in the last couple of years that we’ve decided to ship a container directly from Thailand. This allows for improved availability and pricing for our customers. So far it has been an exhilarating and learning experience. Our container was just released from and unexpected customs inspection in Vancouver yesterday, which cost a hefty amount at our expense. It’s now waiting to be put on the next train to Toronto. We can already feel the 16,000 pounds of boxes that will need to be unloaded, built and stored.

I first met Sequioa, the designer of Green and Sienna in New York several years ago and instantly a long term business relationship began. Our core values, tastes and ethics were very much the same. It’s about integrity and living in harmony with people and the environment as much as possible. The Green and Sienna line can be trusted to be just. It is Clean and Tactile, Modern and Rustic, Strong yet Tranquil and would be a beautiful addition in anyone’s home. Should be in our store in less than two weeks. Many our customers have pre booked their pieces a head of time.