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  • Nest Chair

    It is a larger chair for mainly smaller Mid Century designs.

  • Monkey Wood Mountain Bed

    Our new 2016 platform beds are all one of a kind. It is impossible to get two alike as the iron work is hand crafted and made to flow with the natural edge of the 2″ solid Monkey wood slab. Sequoia has curated a beautiful flow of lines and balance of materials. The wood is finished to a smooth satin feel finish. Metal has some browns in it but is mostly black and all welds have been made smooth to touch. Bed comes complete with platform in four boxes.

    King 78″wide x 83″long x 55″ high.

    Queen 62″wide x 83″long x 55″ high.

  • Two Together Platform Bed

    Our new beds are truly one of a kind with no two alike. Beautiful flow of lines and balance of materials. The wood has been finished to a satin smooth touch with organic edges. The metal branches are mostly black with slight hints of brown. The construction is solid with the platform created the same as our Peroba stack bed which was a great success.

  • Bina Devon Platform Bed (Floor Model)

    The Devon platform bed is Designed by Thomas Bina
    Made of reclaimed solid walnut and is absolutely stunning, even from the back.

    $5,400.00 $3,900.00
  • Peroba Mirror

    Peroba Stack Mirror

    55″x39″ or floor standing 93″x52″

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.